EnerMat-Tech's unique roll-to-roll manufacturing process allows an environment-friendly, scalable and inexpensive synthesis of silicon-based anodes with significantly higher throughputs and a plug-and-play integration with existing electrode manufacturing infrastructure. That means no CVD or etching to introduce the silicon and no expensive & extensive chemical synthesis strategies to protect the silicon!

​EnerMat-Tech has successfully scaled its silicon anode technology with its range of 300-500 mAmp-hour Version 1 pouch cells (gravimetric and volumetric energy densities of 150-300 Wh/kg and 250-450 Wh/L). As a materials R&D start-up, we continuously strive to improve our value propositions, with the Version 2 prototypes expected to deliver > 300 Wh/kg and >600 Wh/L.

Mission: We at EnerMat-Tech aim to accelerate the adoption of next-generation, high performance energy storage solutions through breakthrough technical innovations.

Vision: Developing and commercializing disruptive material science technology for high performance battery systems and effecting transformative changes across the consumer electronics, electric vehicles and renewable energy storage sectors.